Frequently Enrolling Studies

Take a self-assessment to see if you may qualify for one of our research trials. Insurance is not required to participate. All study-related procedures, as well as study medication is provided at no cost to participants. Many of our studies provide compensation to cover the cost of time and travel incurred by our patients. Our staff will review your information and contact you to see if you are eligible for a study.

Don’t see the indication you’re looking for?
OCCI regularly conducts many other psychiatric, neurological and internal medicine studies. If you would like to request information be sent to you when they occur, you may leave your contact information in our private database. When new trial opportunities occur, we can contact you for an evaluation to see if you may qualify.


Privacy Statement
Per the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all of a patient’s individually identifiable health information that is provided to OCCI, Inc. in the course of evaluation, assessment, and treatment is considered “Protected Health Information” (PHI). This information includes demographics and relates to a patient’s past, present, and future physical and/or mental health or condition and related health care services. OCCI, Inc. will maintain all patient information in a confidential and secure manner, ensuring that only authorized personnel will have access to a patient’s PHI. Unless required by state or federal law, OCCI, Inc. will not release or disclose a patient’s PHI without prior written authorization. A patient is permitted to withdraw the authorization for OCCI, Inc.’s use of the information at any time.